The Perfect Tee

The Perfect Tee


In the 1950s, films like The Wild OnesA Streetcar Named Desire, and Rebel Without a Cause, popularized the undershirt as stand-alone outerwear. Marlon Brando and James Dean lent the tee an air of edgy rebelliousness, turning it into an emblem of masculine cool. And as so commonly happens, the middle-class soon co-opted as their own what had formerly been working class wear. T-shirts became a symbol of one’s allegiance with the working man, and disdain for authority and mainstream culture

Advancements in screen-printing in the 1960s birthed a new wave of graphic tees that sported everything from band names to political slogans. T-shirts became one of the great democratizers of American clothing; while the cut, tailoring, and fabric of one’s garments had formerly signaled one’s identity and class, standardized, inexpensive tees became the new vehicles for personal expression. And so it was that a piece of clothing you wouldn’t have seen on a single person walking down the street 75 years ago, became the defacto national uniform of the United States.



Fit is the cornerstone

Our t-shirts come with two main types of necklines: the crew and the U-neck. 


Supima Cotton

What makes the fabric En|Noir uses so special?

A number of things. It has an especially long fiber which gives Supima unusual qualities of strength, softness and color, but it's also grown 100% in the USA. 


How is Supima related to pima cotton?

"Pima" is a generic term for extra-long staple cotton grown in the US, Australia, Peru and a few other countries. It was once called American-Egyptian cotton, but was renamed to honor the Pima Indians who were growing cotton in Sacaton Arizona. "Supima" is 100% American grown Pima cotton which, we think, is the best cotton in the world.


What's the difference between Supima and Egyptian cotton?

All cotton grown in Egypt is "Egyptian", but not all of it is extra-long staple cotton. Supima is made exclusively of extra-long staple cotton grown in the US and has become the cotton of choice among the world's fine-count yarn spinners.


How to I care for Supima cotton?

You can do anything to Supima that you do to ordinary cotton: Unlike most luxury fibers, Supima is actually sturdier than run-of-the-mill varieties. That means you can machine wash Supima cotton, throw it in the dryer, or use your favorite laundry detergent. And even bleach it. Use it. Abuse it. Wash it. Wear it. Supima still looks and feels great

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Denim Daze A Barneys exclusive

Denim Daze A Barneys exclusive

En|Noir  x  Barneys New York SS16 Capsule

En|Noir x Barneys New York SS16 Capsule